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Moon in Sign: Taurus
Sign Element: Earth

Characteristics: When Moon is in transition through Taurus the tension of previous days drops, people become calm and peaceful, feel stable and secure. At the same time tendency to slowing down of thoughts and reactions can make people a little phlegmatic, inert and difficult on upstart.

It's better now to take care of home, run errands, restock supplies, and dedicate working time to routine maintenance. Wait with important business, signing important papers, to avoid mistakes, due to slow reaction and thinking.

Health: Vulnerable and sensitive — throat, neck, teeth, thyroid gland. Be careful not to strain throat muscles, or catch cold or flu. Inhalations and other preventive measures on throat are effective. Not recommended — throat and jaw surgery, dental procedures.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when Moon is in Taurus affected strongly. Usually very calm, sometimes excessively phlegmatic, they are peaceful, quiet, like comfort of their home, good food, and are not easily moved. They are slow, never rush, don't like changes, can't easily let go when suffer even a small loss, afraid of and run from problems.


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