Moon in Scorpio

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Moon in Sign: Scorpio
Sign Element: Water

Characteristics: Emotional charge and sensitivity increases. Do not get swept away by irritability, mood-swings, hysteria, big and small excitements, desire to quickly change everything. People tend to become more conscious of self and others, and see everything in dark tones.

It is a good time for self-analysis and self-improvement, correction of bad habits and shortcomings. When we improve, so does the world around us.

Health: Vulnerable — sex organs and colon. Avoid exposure to cold, and surgery in this area. Be careful with, or avoid sex. Diet — carbohydrates recommended, eat less spicy and heavy foods, include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Lifestyle — active, sit less, move and exercise more. Pregnant women should avoid any strain.

Good time for visiting the dentist (except Moon day 7 and 26), healing and stimulating the respiratory system.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when the Moon is in Scorpio are affected much. They can be hyper, sometimes hysterical, with rapidly changing emotions and often mood-swings. They have to express their emotions openly to stay balanced. Sometimes they're pessimists and cynics. At the same time they have a tendency for self-analysis, and self-improvement.


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