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Moon in Sign: Sagittarius
Sign Element: Fire

Characteristics: Moon in Sagittarius brings pacification and stability. People become calm and orderly, they tend to follow rules and routines, long to receive (and give) advice and recommendations, look for teachers and protectors.

Interest in social life and one's place in society increases, and so does desire for a more stable and comfortable life. This is the best time for educational work, to give and receive knowledge, help find answers. Advise only if somebody is asking, otherwise go ask for advice yourself.

Health: Vulnerable — blood, circulatory system, liver, skin. Liver detox is not recommended, as well as surgery on veins and capillaries. Avoid prolonged walks, hikes, straining legs. Avoid eating fat, heavy foods, and animal and plant proteins should be balanced.

Good time for effective stimulation and healing of the respiratory system, breathing practices and exercises, yoga.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when the Moon is in Sagittarius have big pride, they're vain and often look cocky and narcissistic. They like to teach others and want always be right. They long for new knowledge, and to disseminate it to others, thus becoming teachers and scholars. At their core they are generous, with a big heart, give away and share easily. At the same time they can be insensitive to others' problems. Social identity, success and career is of the most importance to them.


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