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Moon in Sign: Pisces
Sign Element: Water

Characteristics: Moon in Pisces brings romantic feelings, as well as heightened intuition, dreamy and mystical moods, interest in religion, magical and unknown. People become softer, tender and more sentimental, speak kind words and give compliments to loved ones.

We tend to have a deeper understanding of hidden meanings of life, events and things, as well as a more intimate perception of beauty, art, poetry and music.

It's a perfect time to visit a theater, museum or art exhibition, watch a good film or read a favorite poetry book, going just a little deeper, tuning into things that can touch the soul.

Health: Vulnerable — feet, toes, immune system. Walk less, wear only comfortable shoes. Body becomes more sensitive, everything we put inside (alcohol, caffeine, medicine) can produce much stronger effects and must be used more cautiously. Not recommended — feet surgery and therapy, and due to overall body sensitivity operations on any part of the body ideally should be avoided. Diet — carbohydrates recommended, but in moderation.

Lunar Horoscope: This is the best positioning for the Moon in the whole Zodiac. People born when the Moon is in Pisces are affected very strongly, and in a very positive way. They're blessed with powerful intuition and live rich inner lifes, often have extraordinary abilities, great learners, are very patient, and always ready to help. Women are very kind, tender, selfless, and usually have happy lives. Very often people with Moon in Pisces become great musicians.


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