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Moon in Sign: Libra
Sign Element: Air

Characteristics: Moon in Libra creates calm and harmony. Conflict is less possible and we easily connect to people, and compromise. It's easier to understand and relate to others, forgive and forget. People tend to be polite and diplomatic, and avoid arguments.

It is a good time for meetings and negotiations, making peace and improving relationships, finding solutions to common problems. At the same time there could be some indecisiveness, difficulty making important decisions.

Health: Vulnerable — hips area, kidneys, bladder, pancreas gland. Avoid exposure to cold, sitting on the ground and rocks. Diet is very important.

Good time for visiting dentist (except Moon day 7 and 26), ear specialist, plastic surgeon.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when Moon is in Libra are diplomats, they're very artistic and with great taste. Often they are great poets and artists. They like justice and will always do everything to achieve harmony.


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