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Moon in Sign: Capricorn
Sign Element: Earth

Characteristics: Emotional charge decreases, strictness, formalism, feelings of responsibility and duty become prevalent. People tend to become more practical and logical, also less sensitive, reserved and more demanding towards others as well as themselves.

It is the best time for scrupulous fulfillment of professional duty and responsibilities, work that needs discipline, precision and attention to detail.

Health: Vulnerable — bones, joints, gallbladder. Avoid physical strain, especially on spine and bones, as they become more fragile. Not recommended — visits to dentist and spine surgery and therapy.

Good time for healing (if necessary surgical procedures) and stimulating the stomach.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when the Moon is in Capricorn are affected much. They are very sensitive, emotional, but this emotionality is somewhat tight and constricted, which can manifest itself in hysteria. They may look emotionless, dry and ascetic, but later in life learn to show their emotional side. Being very determined, they sometimes create problems, which later waste energy solving. They rarely have children.


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