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Moon in Sign: Aries
Sign Element: Fire

Characteristics: Moon in Aries brings tendency to conflict, more than any other time, emotional tension is growing, people become impulsive and short-tempered. Many may show fearlessness and readiness to act in extreme situations. The nicest person can become mean now.

It's easier to shake old problem, or weight of tiresome responsibility, free yourself from everything that bothers you and makes your life uneasy. At the same time it's helpful to practice self-control, limit exposure to stress.

Health: Vulnerable and sensitive — head, brain, ears, eyes, teeth. Avoid important, difficult and stressful work, physical strain. It's better to spend time resting (watch less television). Not recommended — head and face surgery and therapy, dental procedures.

It's good time for stimulating, if necessary surgical procedures on kidneys, as they become less vulnerable.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when Moon is in Aries are fearless, decisive, impulsive, can be raw and arrogant, but cool down fast. They like to change the whole world to their liking, and make take it personal when fail to do so. They get easily excited, swept by emotions, fall in love, take on any new business. But with the same ease they soon lose interest, get disappointed, and switch their attention on to something else. They do pretty well in extreme situations, with glowing eyes and boundless energy. Routine, everyday work bores them fast, and soon they look for new excitement and adventure.


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