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Moon in Sign: Aquarius
Sign Element: Air

Characteristics: Moon in Aquarius brings feelings of inner freedom and openness, emotions become more alive and expressed more freely. We can not stand pressure and imposed limitations, inner feeling of independence becomes the main priority.

We tend to allow more freedom to ourselves, like desire to splurge in shopping or food, desire for something new, unexpected actions and behavior.

It is a good time for reforms, experiments, implementation of new ideas, even risky projects. Spend more time among people, with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The most important thing is not to go overboard with desire to show off.

Health: Vulnerable — legs, nervous system, sense organs. Avoid prolonged walks, hikes, straining legs, nervous system stress. Not recommended — legs and joints surgery and therapy, as well as operations on sense organs, especially eyes.

Heart becomes stronger, it's a good time for stimulating, if necessary surgical procedures on the heart, as well as vigorous physical training and exercises.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when the Moon is in Aquarius are eccentric, capricious, moody, with a strong need to feel independent. They like everything new, are inventive themselves and support inventors. Usually friendly and open to others, always ready to help, they also like and appreciate themselves much. Great survivors easily adapt and feel comfortable everywhere, but may feel somewhat bored without changes.


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