Lunar Day (Moon Day)

30th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Golden Swan.
Characteristics: This lunar day happens not every month, and sometimes is very short, from a few hours to a few minutes. The day of harmony, humility, love and forgiveness. It is the last day of a lunar month, and ending of a cycle.

Recommendations: Good for completing of everything that was started at the beginning of the lunar cycle, paying debts, etc. Cleansing of body (shower or bath), and home (burning of incense) is recommended. Rest, moderation in food and drink is necessary. Commitment to positive lifestyle, meditation and self-reflection will help to move up in the next cycle of spiritual and personal development. Try to enjoy life's small joys, and bring happiness to others.

Precautions: Avoid physical strain and stress. Be careful and vigilant. Thinking of, making plans, and beginning new actions (business) is not recommended. Sex is not recommended.

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