Lunar Day (Moon Day)

29th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Octopus.
Characteristics: The energy is unfavorable. Moon is not visible. Ocean tide's highs and lows are the strongest. Day of illusions and temptations, day when people lose energy. Sometimes it is the last day of a lunar month.

Recommendations: Strong protection from dark energy is required. Control of thoughts, practice of restraint and humility, moderation in everything, burning of incense and candles is recommended. Good for completing everything that was started at the beginning of the lunar cycle. Cleansing shower before bed will wash away all negative energy of the day.

Precautions: Avoid dark places, depressive and conflict thoughts and situations, annoying and empty contacts. Promises, rumors and forecasts can't be trusted. Thinking of, making plans, and beginning new actions (business) is not recommended. Sex is not recommended.

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