Lunar Day (Moon Day)

19th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Spider.
Characteristics: Day of dangerous ideas, illusions and temptations, laid out like a spider web. Day is also connected to individual potential and creativity. In an esoteric sense the day is connected to astral cleansing and magic.

Recommendations: Day is good for cleansing of soul and body, as well as thoughts, practice of restraint and humility, humbleness and dedication, clear consciousness, forgiveness. May be good for creative and hardworking individuals, that are free from pride. Burning of incense and candles cleanses the negative energy, and is highly recommended.

Precautions: Be careful and vigilant. Avoid arguments, situations and people that confuse you, and put thoughts in your head. Avoid illusions, lies, vanity, pride. Try to get rid of negative emotions, anger, resentment, jealousy. Be careful with new ideas and influences. Any new ties, agreements, relationships become long lasting, but, if not desirable, are troublesome and difficult to end. If not completely sure, don't take or give loans today, don't make deals and agreements, and don't create a web of debt.

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