Lunar Day (Moon Day)

18th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Mirror.
Characteristics: Day when reality, like a mirror, reflects our inner being, our thoughts and actions, and shows how we interact with others, and how others see us. Day of partnership, justice, healing, help.

Recommendations: Day is good for working with thoughts, developing an objective view of the world. Try to get a critical look at yourself from the outside, get rid of negative tendencies and bad habits. Noticing shortcomings, focus on changing them, and improve the character. Body cleansing, water treatments (bath, sauna), massages are recommended. Fasting or vegetarian diet (nuts, olive oil) is preferable. Good for interaction with nature, and observation of plant and animal life.

Precautions: Energy of the day can make one passive and easy to control. Substitute passivity with activity. The day contains temptation and deceit. Avoid illusions, low unconscious instincts, bad habits, selfishness, pride and vanity. Be careful with your health, especially with any medical diagnosis and treatments.

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