Lunar Day (Moon Day)

17th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Vine, Bell Ring.
Characteristics: Day of inner freedom, joy of being, experience of eternity and ecstasy. Day of celebration, transformation of feminine energy Shakti, fertility, growth and accumulation.

Recommendations: Day is good for cultivating inner freedom, joy, laughing, celebrations, wine drinking (in moderation), dancing, singing. Beneficial for couples relationships, sexual contacts and exchange of energy, and is wonderful for a marriage. Love is the brightest aspect of the day, but may bring unexpected surprises to everyone not careful with this energy. Recommended — power physical exercises, sports, yoga.

Precautions: Avoid creating restrictions and difficulties today, arguments, anger, fighting. Avoid falling into binge and rowdiness. Don't take offers, and don't give promises, so as not to create debt and diminish freedom. Unreleased, stuck, and unsublimated sexual energy can cause health and behavioral problems.

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