Lunar Day (Moon Day)

12th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Heart.
Characteristics: Day of Divine Cosmic Love, compassion and charity, humility, intuition and revelation. Day of triumph of spirit over mind and feelings. One of the days when our prayers are heard and fulfilled.

Recommendations: Sharing, caring, making gifts, donating, giving (especially if somebody is asking) is highly recommended. Give, it will come back multiplied. Some solitude time for prayers, mantras, meditation and contemplation is needed. Good day for cleansing and healing the respiratory system, lungs and heart. A marriage today will be founded on higher love.

Precautions: Don't lose the opportunity to use the energy of today. Avoid any stress on the heart muscle, hate, anger and tears. Avoid physical strain and heavy food. Natural juices, herbal teas and liquid foods are recommended.

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