Lunar Day (Moon Day)

11th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Kundalini.
Characteristics: Energetically, the most powerful Lunar day of the whole month, day of awakening of the sacred mystical energy Kundalini, one of the most powerful energies in the Universe. Kundalini, first responsible for building our bodies, now gets activated to transform them into higher spiritual structures. Only people who are ready, or were born on this day, can get access to this amazing and secret power.

Recommendations: We have to be very careful today, and finish everything we begin. Caring for people who close to us, making gifts, expressing love is recommended. Day best spent fasting, cleansing.

Precautions: Carefulness and mindfulness in everything is necessary. Overworking, strain and stress should be avoided. Touching of insects, harming and killing of any living form is strictly prohibited. Try to be gentle with the nature and her creations.

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