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Please note, information on this page is related to the moon and the zodiac, not sun and the zodiac, which would be the regular (solar) horoscope.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not medical advice. The purpose of this website is to provide information on how lunar days affect us, which can be used to aid in self-exploration, healing, and spiritual development.

Relation of the moon and the celestial zodiac (the twelve astrological signs of the horoscope) is intimately connected to the functioning of every organ and system of every living organism on this planet. Additionally, it affects the direction of our emotional state, as well as interest in different aspects of life and activity. It is connected to our health and well-being.

Just like the sun, the moon is constantly traveling through the zodiac. But when the sun spends one month in every zodiac sign — the moon just two-three days. The moon affects us as much as the sun, which is even more true for women.

Every zodiac sign is responsible for a certain part of the body and functioning of a group of organs. While the moon is in transition through a particular astrological sign, related organs become sensitive, weak and vulnerable, they require protection and rest.

Zodiac Signs and Related Organs:

Aries - Head, Brain, Eyes, Ears, Upper Jaw, Teeth

Taurus - Neck, Throat, Lower Jaw, Teeth, Thyroid Gland

Gemini - Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, Fingers

Cancer - Chest, Stomach

Leo - Heart, Arteries, Diaphragm, Back

Virgo - Abdomen, Intestines

Libra - Hips Area, Kidneys, Bladder, Pancreas

Scorpio - Sex Organs, Colon

Sagittarius - Blood, Circulatory System, Liver, Skin

Capricorn - Bones, Joints, Gallbladder

Aquarius - Legs, Nervous System, Sense Organs

Pisces - Feet, Toes, Immune System

When the moon is young and growing the organs of the opposite sign get the surge of energy and can be stimulated, cleansed and worked with, and are even strong enough to undergo surgical procedures when necessary.

While the moon is old and decreasing the most effective would be cleansing and healing procedures on the organs of the opposite sign.

In the case of a conflict of the recommendations of a lunar day and positioning of the moon in a zodiac sign, the moon in a zodiac sign recommendations are final.


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