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A moon day (lunar day) is the period of time it takes for the moon to complete one full rotation on its axis with respect to the sun.

It is also the time it takes the moon to make one complete orbit around the Earth and come back to the same phase.

The purpose of this website is to provide information on how lunar days affect us, which can be used to aid in self-exploration, healing, and spiritual development.

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Moon or Luna is Earth's only natural satellite. The gravity of the moon stabilizes Earth's orbit, distorts its surface, and pulls the ocean's tides. Moon affects all living organisms on the deepest levels. It also rules humans' unconscious, the lesser-known, uncontrollable side.

Our ancestors believed that the moon cycles affect our well-being, spiritual and personal growth, as well as social and business affairs. They left us knowledge of characteristics of energies of the moon days.

In lunar calendars, a lunar day is defined as 1/30 of a lunar month. Each month there's a different number of lunar days, from 29 to 30. Lunar days vary in duration, and can be as long as a few minutes to over 24 hours.

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Living synchronously with the moon's cycles, knowing and working with the energies of each lunar day we can stay more in balance with the Universe, and live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

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Moon and Zodiac

Relation of the moon and the celestial zodiac is intimately connected to the functioning of every organ and system of every living organism on this planet. Additionally, it affects the direction of our emotional state, as well as interest in different aspects of life and activity.

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